Courses through the BIT Academy upskill and reskill students with disabilities for new careers in IT and related fields. Courses are generally held multiple times per year. Enrollment is a multi-step process, and more information will be provided for each course when the process begins.

We have Open House Events scheduled and will be adding more as needed. Dates and information to join these virtual events are available via the Academy Open House Schedule page.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Prep

Salesforce is a leading cloud-based customer relationship management platform with over 150,000 customers worldwide. Someone has to make certain the system meets the needs of the organization using it, whether that’s a nonprofit, a financial institution, a healthcare provider, government, or a Fortune 500 company. Salesforce Administrators do just that. And the best part about the Salesforce platform is that it’s accessible! Our course featuring independent study and an interactive class once per week prepares students to sit for the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam. It also prepares qualified individuals to enter into an apprenticeship program with BIT and our partners. Find out more about the Salesforce Administrator Certification Prep Course.

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Prep

There are many aspects to the job of a Salesforce Administrator. Salesforce Platform App Builders are those who design, build, and implement custom applications on the Salesforce platform using a combination of data modeling, design, reporting, automation, and more — all without code. This is a “condensed” course that requires students already have Salesforce Admin knowledge demonstrated through previous hands on learning and/or certification as an administrator and will prepare students to sit for the Salesforce Platform App Builder certification exam. Students do not need a background in application development or programming. Find out more about our Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Prep Course.

Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Prep

For those who have a background in development or programming as well as existing Salesforce knowledge, this course prepares them to sit for the Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification. Salesforce developers customize the platform using both familiar languages like HTML and Salesforce’s proprietary programming language, Apex. Those who have experience with web-related languages like JavaScript and HTML or object-oriented languages like Java and C++ and have Salesforce Admin-level knowledge are ideal candidates for this 14-week course. Find out more about our Salesforce Developer Certification Prep Course.

Digital Accessibility Analyst

Professionals who are able to identify accessibility issues according to WCAG standards are in high demand. Organizations of all types are working to make their websites and digital products accessible to the most people, including those who are screen reader users, have low vision, are deaf or hard of hearing, have mobility or dexterity disabilities, cognitive disabilities, and more. In order to help meet this need, the BIT Academy will be offering a 13-week Digital Accessibility Analyst course that prepares students for two certifications from IAAP (International Association of Accessibility Professionals). Find out more about our Digital Accessibility Analyst Course.

More Coming Soon

The BIT Academy is always working to diversify our curriculum. Just some of the courses we plan to offer in the near future are listed below. If you have ideas not listed here, please email us and let us know.

  • Project Management
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
  • More Salesforce Certifications
  • Snowflake SnowPro Core Certification
  • VMWare Certified Technical Associate
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