Who We Are

Our Mission

To help professionals with disabilities, and the employers who hire them find success in the workplace.

Our Values

At BIT, we are guided by four core values that define our purpose and approach.


We are committed to making employment opportunities digitally accessible to all, ensuring that every individual, regardless of disability, can find meaningful employment that aligns with their skills and aspirations.


We understand the transformative power of employment and its ripple effects on individuals, families, and communities. Our mission is to create a positive impact by connecting the right people to the right jobs, fostering growth and prosperity.


We believe in the strength of collaboration. By working closely with job seekers, employers, and the community, we build bridges that foster understanding, innovation, and collective success.


We are champions of equity, striving to level the playing field and promote fairness in the employment process. Our commitment is to address systemic disparities, promote diversity, and create an inclusive environment where every person’s potential can flourish.

Together, these core values shape our company’s purpose, guide our actions, and drive us to create a world where meaningful employment is accessible to all, leading to lasting impact and shared success.

Our Story

Following a successful nearly 20-year career as a software engineer within the telecommunications industry, Mike Hess, the Founder and Executive Director, departed the corporate realm in 2013 to establish the Blind Institute of Technology. This decision was prompted by Mike’s frustration at perpetually being labeled the “token blind guy” in every company he worked for. He firmly believed that his blindness enhanced his skills as a software engineer rather than hindered them.

Unveiling the alarming statistic of an 80% unemployment and underemployment rate among the blind and visually impaired (BVI) community, Mike recognized that there were other BVIs possessing the expertise and capabilities required for success in the corporate landscape. Driven by this conviction, he directly engaged the top echelons of corporate America, thereby commencing BIT’s transformative journey.

Presently, BIT stands as a global nonprofit staffing and recruiting agency exclusively dedicated to professionals with disabilities. Through the establishment of the BIT Academy, the organization’s workforce development division, offering courses in Salesforce Administration and Digital Accessibility Analysis, BIT holds the distinction of being the sole proprietor of two Registered Apprenticeship programs for the blind and visually impaired at the national level under the aegis of the US Department of Labor.

Retaining an unwavering commitment to enhancing employment prospects for professionals with disabilities, BIT has expanded its portfolio to encompass both a professional Salesforce Consulting and  Accessibility consulting service, and an exhaustive corporate training catalog. This catalog is strategically designed to guide companies from the concept of inclusivity towards cultivating a robust culture that wholeheartedly champions the principles of inclusion and accessibility. These initiatives are in addition to BIT’s core professional staffing services.

Having already made a tangible impact by assisting over 600 professionals with disabilities and collaborating with industry titans including Randstad, JPMorgan Chase, Salesforce, CVS Health, Ball Corporation, Allstate, and numerous others, BIT’s ambitions remain resolute. With a target of securing employment for 10,000 professionals with disabilities, BIT propels ahead with its steadfast commitment to fostering meaningful employment opportunities.

Our Vision

BIT’s Vision envisions a future where professionals with disabilities are acknowledged and esteemed as an exceptional talent pool, making significant contributions to an organization’s strategic hiring endeavors, financial performance, and overall culture.

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Blind Institute of Technology officially files as a nonprofit organization with the US IRS, beginning its services with corporate trainings and staffing services with only 2 employees


BIT adds a11y Consulting services


BIT begins to capture attention with featured articles in the Denver Business Journal, The Denver Post and Network World


Mike Hess Appointed to the Commission for People with Disabilities, City and County of Denver, by Mayor Michael B. Hancock


BIT holds first Dining in the Dark gala


BIT gains more media attention from CBS NEWS 


Mike Hess appointed to the Disability Funding Committee by Colorado State and Gov. John Hickenlooper


BIT launches BIT Academy beginning with Salesforce Administration Certification course


BIT Academy goes virtual, allowing students from all around the world to access courses


BIT launches Salesforce Consulting Services


BIT and Salesforce Office of Accessibility begins partnership


 Denver Commission for People with Disabilities nominates BIT for

Denver Mayor’s D&I Award


 BIT acknowledged as Salesforce’s Official Training Provider for People with Disabilities


 US Department of Labor officially recognizes BIT Salesforce Admin program as the first Nationally registered apprenticeship program for blind and visually impaired professionals


BIT expands BIT Academy to include Digital Accessibility Analyst course


BIT and Salesforce collaborate to produce the Greatest Equalizer DocuShort

The Greatest Equalizer


US Department of Labor officially approves BIT’s Digital Accessibility program as only the second National registered apprenticeship program for blind and visually impaired professionals


Mike Hess presents on the big stage at Salesforce’s Dreamforce


Trailblazer Golden Hoodie Award Winner, Michael Hess


BIT receives prestigious Anthem Award for collaboration with Salesforce Workforce Navigator program.

Learn More About The Award and Project


BIT employes over 40 professionals with disabilities spanning all programs, has found employment for over 125 professionals with a median starting income of 60K, offers 5 BIT Academy courses, and has served over 600 of professionals with disabilities on 6 continents