Information for Employers

Blind Institute of Technology (BIT) provides the talent, training, and services to empower your organization in achieving an inclusive workforce.


We connect organizations with motivated individuals from the disabled community who possess proven business and technical skills. Our talent owns the characteristics that make up the ideal employee in corporate America, such as:

  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
  • Adaptability and a can-do attitude
  • Strong work ethic and a team player

BIT’s Professional Staffing and Recruiting


We offer universal inclusion through our educational workshops which include Accessibility Empowerment Training, Art of Blinders, and Train the Trainer.

Accessibility Empowerment Training

Accessibility Empowerment Training equips your organization with the tools to build the confidence to develop a diverse, productive, and satisfied team.

Train the Trainer

Our corporate workshop, Making Sense of WCAG, helps organizations’ product teams by creating institutional knowledge around accessibility, fundamentals and best practices.

Art of Blinders

BIT’s Art of Blinders seminar provides a team building experience designed to showcase the effectiveness of active listening. For business leaders who want to increase their team’s productivity and strengthen communication skills.


BIT’s Accessibility Audit Services helps your organization spot online accessibility gaps, prioritize solutions, and build for the future.