Accessibility Empowerment Training

Our Empowerment Training is a combination of two of our critical educational programs:

Accessibility Training

Help supervisors feel more confident incorporating a diverse set of teammates. We provide an open forum to help with the unfamiliar:

  • What is a reasonable accommodation
  • What is assistive technology anyway
  • How does assistive technology work in a corporate environment?
  • How do I digitally communicate with an employee with a disability
  • How do I make digital content accessible such as PDF’s and webpages)

Loss Aversion

Exploring Nobel Prize winner & behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman’s loss aversion theory: Feeling uncomfortable around individuals who are unlike us is a natural psychological event that happens to all of humanity.


Accessible Technology Plus Understanding Loss Aversion Equals:

  • Feel comfortable bringing professionals with disabilities on to your team
  • Provide tools to successfully work with disabled teammate
  • Prepare your team for working alongside teammates with disabilities
  • Create a culture of inclusion amongst teammates
  • Develop a diverse, productive, and satisfied team.

I just wanted to say thank you for another incredible presentation today! The BIT team never fails to impress and “WOW” the audience.

Aaron J. Rodzinak
Principal Engineer, Space Vehicle Systems
Ball Aerospace