Accessibility Audit Services

What is an accessibility audit?

An accessibility audit is an evaluation of how accessible your organization’s digital products and services are. Most often, this refers to a website or mobile app used by customers, but a more thorough audit would also include internal-facing intranets.

Why BIT?

  • Mission Driven:  unique position as a non-profit focused on employing people with disabilities
  • Affordable: we know that a more accessible world is a more equal world for employment.
  • User Testers: All of our accessibility experts are professionals with disabilities
  • Going Beyond: We offer education services and strategic hiring services to help transform your organization’s culture of accessibility. 

How we do it?

BIT’s team of accessibility experts apply a proven methodology to help your organization understand the state of your digital accessibility.

  • The latest and greatest standards: we assess digital content against the industry-leading Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 at the AA level (2.0 for certain automated tests).
  • Focus on the user experience e (UX): all of our assessments include manual testing performed by users with disabilities, such as blindness or low vision.
  • Understandable results: our results come in an easy-to-understand spreadsheet, featuring high-level summaries and line by line breakdowns of our testing results.
  • Post-delivery discussions: We also include a post-delivery discussion with our lead testers to help answer any questions.

Hear more from organizations we have worked for

“BIT’s unique and fresh approach provides an excellent orientation to the challenges and practical aspects of accessibility. The empathy exercises, discussions and practice with different accessibility tools were remarkably valuable. I recommend all organizations work with BIT to implement accessibility into their own development teams.”

Mike Neville-Staff Program Manager Lead, DISH Network