BIT Academy Announces Early 2023 Professional Development Workshops

BIT Academy holds professional development workshops several times a year. These workshops are intended to help our candidates with important skills necessary from pre-employment onward. Whether it’s interviewing, creating a resume that will be noticed, answering the toughest of interview questions, effectively communicating in order to make an impression from the first interaction through employment, or gaining familiarity with remote meeting platforms and their accessibility features, BIT Academy offers skills needed for professionals to succeed.

Each workshop consists of two, 1.5-hour sessions, one week apart, that meet remotely. These workshops are scheduled on alternating days each month, in order to provide flexibility for those who wish to attend. To register for a workshop send us an email with your preferred attendance dates. Note that these workshops can fill up fast.

Our Let’s Get In Touch workshop focuses on how to effectively communicate in professional spaces, with a concentration on email etiquette and familiarity with the accessibility of common remote meeting platforms. This workshop is led by an instructor with a background in professional communication and is required for those enrolled in BIT Academy. Part one of this session will focus on email etiquette while part two will focus on common meeting platforms used by corporate and other organizations. Accessibility handouts will be provided.

The Let’s Get In Touch workshop will meet monthly via Google Meet. Dates and times provided are in US Mountain Time:

  • Thursday, January 5 & 12: 10am-11:30am
  • Friday, February 3 & 10: 12pm-1:30pm
  • Monday, March 6 & 13: 2pm-3:30pm

Our Tell Me About Yourself workshop focuses on resume crafting, and how to grab the attention of a hiring manager as quick as the blink of an eye. This workshop focuses on resume building and interview responses that will answer this all-important question, setting candidates on the path to a successful job search. This is not a typical resume and interviewing skills seminar, but rather we use methodology crafted from direct feedback from hiring managers, recruiters, and employment specialists. This course is required for those enrolled in BIT Academy. The first segment in this workshop focuses on the purpose of the question “Tell me about yourself” in resumes and interviews. The second segment will dive deeper into the interview, identify additional stress questions, discuss disability disclosure, and provide tips for interview preparations. This is a can’t miss workshop for professionals with disabilities who want to stand out in the stack of resumes.

The Tell Me About Yourself workshop will meet monthly via Google Meet. Dates and times provided are in US Mountain Time:

  • Tuesday, January 17 & 24: 9am-10:30am
  • Wednesday, February 15 & 22: 9am-10:30am
  • Thursday, March 23 & 30: 9am-10:30 am

BIT Academy Announces Digital Accessibility Analyst Course

Digital accessibility is a field that is quickly growing. Organizations worldwide are working to increase their reach, and this work is with the end goal of becoming more inclusive of all populations, especially those with disabilities. Digital accessibility is a field dedicated to ensuring websites, digital media, software, and more are accessible, according to standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C. These standards are referred to as WCAG, or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. In 2021 alone, the amount of job postings on LinkedIn that mention accessibility, grew 78% over the previous year. BIT Academy is announcing a Digital Accessibility Analyst course, which will begin in February of 2023. Spaces are limited, so don’t wait to apply once the interest form is live!

The instructor will work with each student throughout the program, providing feedback, answering questions, providing guidance, and ensuring everyone is best equipped for success. But what makes a BIT Academy course different from studying independently?

  • This course is fully remote, with sessions held via Google Meet
  • Like all of our candidate services, the Digital Accessibility Analyst course is offered at no cost to students
  • This course is taught by an instructor who possesses real-world experience and multiple certifications in the digital accessibility field, and the course is designed specifically by and for people with disabilities
  • We focus on inclusion; true accessibility isn’t just accommodation of needs, but includes students in a way that they feel comfortable in their own learning environment
    •   If an accommodation is needed, it’s likely available or can be made so with advanced notice
  • We go beyond the materials available through other training courses, and students will experience the following:
    • Perform a complete audit of a real website
    • Example resources for creating accessible documents in multiple formats, and a library of resources gathered from across the internet will be provided
    • Gain a solid understanding of accessibility laws and regulations
    • Gain experience with automated accessibility tools, and using assistive technologies
    • Learn strategies for effectively communicating accessibility issues, and methodologies and action plans to remove accessibility barriers

Candidates who are best suited for this course will possess the following attributes:

  • Beginner or above knowledge of Assistive Technology, including at least one screen reader on Windows or Mac; at least one mobile screen reader (Android or IOS); system or browser-level magnification
  • Basic understanding of how websites and documents work (past use of website builders or HTML, CSS, JAVA, and similar are helpful)
  • Familiarity with common tools such as Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Adobe Reader, and mainstream web browsers
  • Advanced problem-solving skills
  • Ingenuity, creativity, and driven to learn and explore new ideas
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Collaborative mindset and the ability to work well on a team

At the end of this course, each participant should be more than ready to take and successfully pass the International Association of Accessibility Professionals CPACC and WAS certification exams. 

This course is the first of its kind. During the student selection process, an assessment to determine familiarity with disability etiquette, website and document knowledge, Assistive Technology knowledge, and other technology skills necessary for this course will be provided, and a brief interview to discuss students’ background, interest, and goals in the program will be scheduled.Please email us for questions about this course or for general Academy info.

BIT Partners With Open Inclusion

BIT has launched a new partnership with Open Inclusion! 

Together we will combine our capabilities empowering individuals across the pan-disability community globally to develop in-demand skills and find meaningful work. Both BIT and Open recognize the current levels of employment exclusion and wish to positively influence opportunities for professionals with disabilities to gain valuable, and valued work. 

Having met through an introduction from our shared connection to the Valuable 500, we found that we each recognized and designed technology-enabled collaborative solutions to support people with a wide range of additional needs looking to develop skills and find work opportunities that are engaging, accessible and welcoming. 

A number of months on now and the Open and BIT partnership has been developed with practical approaches and complementary alignment to a common mission. Together we can more powerfully impact disability-inclusive training and work opportunities.   

“The BIT team is always looking to partner with organizations who have likeminded missions,” says Michael Hess, executive Director of Blind Institute of Technology. “We specifically look for those organizations who are willing to go beyond just using diversity as a buzzword at their company and who are actually willing to do the work. From the very beginning, it was clear that Open Inclusion genuinely cares about the lack of inclusivity within the workforce and is dedicated to creating job opportunities that will positively impact the lives of so many professionals with disabilities.”

Open Inclusion is a specialist inclusive research, insight and design agency based in the UK and operating globally. It is anchored around a vibrant pan-disability community that for many years has been providing insights to influence the design of more inclusive products and services. More recently Open has been working to develop opportunities in new forms of inclusive employment such as online freelance networks. “I am delighted we have established this partnership between BIT and Open Inclusion,” said Christine Hemphill, Managing Director add Open Inclusion. “Our organizations have very aligned values and awareness of the ongoing barriers that exist for disabled people in the workplace and beyond. We are both laser focused on addressing these barriers, and have developed different, highly complementary skills and services to do so. Together we can generate positive change more broadly and faster than we could possibly do alone.”

Our collaborative partnership is already creating new opportunities for professionals with disabilities through the Fiverr Empower Program. This program supports people with disabilities to onboard on the Fiverr platform and build their profiles successfully to maximize their ability to gain good freelance opportunities and then grow their profile through great delivery.

The program provides inclusive training and personalized support over 3 weeks provided by the Fiverr Empower Team, including:

1. 2-hour virtual group meetings each week with the program lead to learn practical skills and tips to maximize your success on the platform 

2. Personalized support developing your profile with tips and perks only offered to Fiverr Empower participants

3. Ongoing support from the Empower team after on-boarding for as long as you are a Fiverr seller

Please Click Here to Register for the Fiverr Empower Program


The BIT team is getting excited for our 9 3/4 Birthday Bash at the Cable Center in Denver on October 8. We’re so excited to celebrate with everyone but none of this would be possible without our amazing sponsors! Thank you so much to Salesforce for being our Signature premier sponsor! Salesforce continues to be a crucial component of BIT as they are dedicated to providing opportunities for professionals with disabilities.

We are also very grateful for our gold sponsors: DevIQ/The Davison Foundation, and Cognizant.  We also have three bronze sponsors, Aetna/CVS, Google, and Peak Talent Search. On behalf of everyone at Blind Institute of technology, we can’t, thank you enough! Please know, that your continued support allows us to impact so many disabled professionals seeking meaningful employment.

Preregistration for Winter 2023 Salesforce Certification Prep Courses NOW OPEN!

Preregistration for our Winter 2023 Salesforce courses is now OPEN! We are now offering three Salesforce courses:

  • Salesforce Administrator Certification Prep
  • Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Prep
  • Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Prep

All courses will begin the week of January 9, 2023. The courses vary in length from 6 – 20 weeks. All are 100% virtual and free to our candidates. Please see our BIT Academy Courses Page for more information about each course.

The preregistration form will remain open through October 31.

Once you complete the preregistration form, you will receive an email with further information on required prerequisites for the course you’ve chosen.

Registration forms will be sent out on November 1st, and the deadline to return them is November 28. Each course requires different prerequisites, so please be sure to double check that you have completed them in their entirety before submitting your registration form in November. Those who submit registrations without all prerequisites will not be accepted into class. No exceptions.

If you have any questions, the BIT Academy will be holding several Open Houses with a 30-minute presentation and 30-minute question and answer session through the last week of October. To learn more, including dates and times for the next Open House, please visit our BIT Academy Open House Page.

If you are not able to attend one of these sessions, please email the Academy and a representative will get back with you as soon as they can.

Preregistration for all three courses closes on October 31, 2022. Anyone who has not filled out the form for a course by that time will not receive a registration form on November 1. No exceptions.

We look forward to working with you in the Academy!

BIT Academy Open House

In January, the BIT Academy will begin its first cohort consisting of not one, not two, but three Salesforce certification prep courses. What are they?

  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Salesforce Platform App Builder
  • Salesforce Platform Developer 1

There are tons of questions to ask about the courses themselves, registration, Salesforce, what someone would do in these roles, and more! So BIT is holding a series of Open House events between now and the end of preregistration to answer all your questions, including the following:

  • How do I sign up for class?
  • What should I do to get ready for class?
  • How do classes work?
  • What is Salesforce – I can’t sell anything! (hint: Salesforce admins aren’t salespeople)
  • What skills do I need to make me a good fit for this new career in IT?
  • What happens at the end of / after class?
  • I have a disability and need accommodations, what can be provided?
  • What is the BIT Academy?
  • Are you planning on offering anything other than Salesforce?

So if you have any of these questions, show up to one of our one-hour informational sessions that are being held between September 16 and October 28. Dates, times, and virtual meeting information are listed below.

Note that we use the Google Meet video conferencing platform. If you have not used it before, please try to get familiar with it prior to when you attend an Open House. Google Meet has accessibility options! See the following articles for more information:

Each Open House session is one hour in length. We will begin with a 30-minute presentation followed by 30 minutes for questions and answers. Please arrive on time and mute yourself until you’re ready to speak and ask a question. This will help keep disruptions down and make participation easier for everyone! All times below are in Mountain Time. Please adjust to your time zone accordingly.

  • Friday, September 16, 12pm-1pm
  • Tuesday, September 20, 9am-10am
  • Monday, September 26, 6pm-7pm
  • Friday, September 30, 12pm-1pm
  • Tuesday, October 4, 9am-10am
  • Wednesday, October 12, 7pm-8pm
  • Friday, October 14, 12pm-1pm
  • Tuesday, October 18, 9am-10am
  • Monday, October 24, 6pm-7pm
  • Friday, October 28, 12pm-1pm

Join the Academy Open House here. You can also join by phone by dialing +1 234-759-0294 and enter the PIN: 892 549 200#. If you are not in the US, there are more local dial-in numbers to choose from.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email us. We are more than happy to answer.

Hiring A BIT Bridge Academy Teaching Assistant

The Blind Institute of Technology (BIT) is seeking a BIT Academy Teaching Assistant. We are seeking a part-time, local professional who has experience working with people with disabilities in an educational environment. This is a joint effort between Blind Institute of Technology, Three Talents Advisors LLC, and area employers.

Our goal is to train adults with disabilities on skills that are in high demand by local companies and place them into competitive, long-term jobs in the IT industry. This innovative program is the first of its kind in Denver, Colorado and represents a great career opportunity for the right individual. Professionals with disabilities are often trapped in the revolving door of not having experience but not being given the opportunity to gain experience. BIT aims to change that through partnering with Fortune 500 companies and other organizations to place candidates in positions that match their skill sets.

The BIT Academy upskills and reskills professional-ready individuals with disabilities to fill roles in the IT industry. Currently, we are offering IT training to local individuals with disabilities that will result in globally recognized technology certifications in IT and an introduction to cybersecurity, networking, and cloud computing. We will expand this program with future cohorts and add new certifications determined by labor market needs and demands as well as by recommendations from sponsoring companies.

This program will be the first of its kind to be offered in the Denver area, so it is a groundbreaking opportunity that we expect to receive high exposure. Bring your skills and experience with technology and working with people with disabilities into the classroom for a rewarding and ground-floor opportunity to make an impact.

We are seeking an experienced, local Teaching Assistant who:

  • Can assist with leading this program on a part-time basis. We estimate this program as 25-30 hours per week.
  • Can answer questions and help reinforce class material with students in the absence of an instructor.
  • Has IT experience or has IT aptitude and interest in an IT related role.
  • Can learn the Cisco NetAcad network academy course material and assist the instructor in the program as well as help the students with their assignments and learning.
  • Will help ensure course and program learning outcomes are delivered as defined by the course syllabus and program expectation.
  • Will communicate to management requirements for suggested accommodations with sufficient notice to ensure timely and cost-effective procurement prior to class.
  • Will help maintain and submit accurate documentation in regard to attendance, pre-post exams, lab sheets, student progress/snapshots, and accreditation/state required documents, and others as required.
  • Will assist in the evaluation and documentation of student progress, student advising, and support of academic success for at-risk students.
  • Will assist with course/program evaluation and continuous improvement.
  • Will assist, as requested, in the marketing/promotion of the program to prospective students and sponsors by providing information regarding course content and objectives.

The ideal candidate for BIT Bridge Academy will possess the following:

  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience working with people with disabilities preferably in a classroom setting. Prefer Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Special Education or IT related field.
  • Passion for teaching and/or helping people with disabilities achieve success and employment.
  • A strong interest in technology, preferably someone who may be interested in acquiring a Cisco Certification (Cisco Certified Technician, CCNA, etc).
  • Effective presentation, communication, and technology skills.

Please submit your resume and salary requirements to

BIT Rising Stars

BIT Academy

One of the most impactful partnerships that we have here at BIT is our relationship with salesforce. Through our partnership, we have created the BIT Academy which includes our salesforce administration course, Salesforce developers’ course and our apprenticeship program. Typically, when you hear the word sales, you automatically assume the worst, but a career with  salesforce is so much more than you would imagine. Salesforce is a cloud-based software company  that provides customer relationship management (CRM) software and applications focused on sales, customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development. And the best part about salesforce, their programs are accessible for professionals with disabilities!

Since the start of our sales force administration course, we have had many talented students come through the program! Recently, we have  had the privilege of providing the course to two very gifted international students. Fawaz Abdul Rahman and Marina Aziz have demonstrated both A strong understanding for accessibility and leadership skills! They are now Salesforce certified passing the exam on their first tries! “I heard about BIT from a friend,” explains Aziz.  “They took the Salesforce admin course and recommended me to take it as well. Back then, I had never heard of Salesforce, and honestly, I didn’t expect it to be that life changing. I’ve in fact, took a lot of online courses but I’ve never took one that lead me to be officially certified in something.” Aziz, who is from Egypt has a bachelors in languages and translations. She began her journey and technology when she taught herself some programming which includes JavaScript, Python, HTML and CSS.

Abdul, A student majoring in computer science, heard about the salesforce class when a friend of his forwarded an email from BIT. “ I registered immediately,” said Abdul. “I was the first blind student doing a Computer science degree in this country Bahrain; thus, I’ve faced plenty of accessibility challenges while studying. Therefore, I’ve always wanted to enroll in a program where it was designed with accessibility in mind.” One of the major things that makes BIT’s salesforce courses unique, is the fact that all our classes are top by instructors with disabilities. Which is why our programs put such an emphasis on accessibility because our classes are specifically designed to set professionals with disabilities up for success. “It was a dream to have that place where its main goal is to foster blind people with technology interest professionally,” said Abdul. “What made me most excited is seeing the accessibility notes being provided by the instructor with each module, which otherwise I would have to fight on my own to get them right.”

The BIT Academy, through its collaboration with salesforce, has made it possible for professionals with disabilities to pursue meaningful careers within technology. Former students of the BIT academy have gone on to work for incredible companies such as CVS health, Salesforce and Benetech. The future for Aziz and Abdul looks very promising, as the possibilities for where they’ll end up next is endless! They both shared with BIT that they highly recommend this class to other professionals with disabilities and can’t wait to continue their training within the salesforce developer’s course. “You can really profit from The Salesforce class,” shares Aziz. “The instructors are very helpful and responsive, which is not always available outside of BIT. Also, BIT is very supportive and flexible, if you’ve got any specific accommodation or you’re facing a problem, don’t hesitate to reach out. And finally, and most importantly enjoy what you’re learning, and be eager to learn more. Don’t treat it as a certificate to pass, but rather a new job to learn, and keep in mind that you will use what you are learning in real life business situations.”

Blind Institute of Technology Partners With Salesforce to Bridge the Digital Divide

Inclusion Hub has featured Blind Institute of Technology on our ongoing partnership with Salesforce. BIT and Salesforce have recently teamed up with Computers for the Blind to help bridge the digital divide and reduce the low employment rates for professionals with disabilities. Thanks to a generous donation from Salesforce, BIT is able to assist with integrating Salesforce into Computer for the Blind’s organization, along with conducting a Salesforce user training which includes using the technology with screen readers. Executive director, Mike, Hess, is confident that Salesforce will be the first software as a system platform to employ 5000 professionals with disabilities into long lasting careers. To read more about all the work BIT, Salesforce and Computers for the Blind are doing together. Read more here!