Activate Partners with the Blind Institute of Technology to Expand Employment Opportunities

Denver, CO – The Blind Institute of Technology (BIT) and Activate Workforce Solutions have formed a partnership to advance their shared goal of achieving sustainable employment for underrepresented individuals, a first of its kind collaboration that is truly inclusive to all.

While BIT focuses on employment for professionals with disabilities, Activate works with individuals who have faced situational or long-term poverty, including people of color, immigrants, refugees, and homeless. Many of Activate’s clients are referred from work-experience or educational programs. The common thread is that all clients are seeking perpetual, meaningful employment to enhance their quality of life and to become contributing members of society but too often lack the employment opportunities because of their differences.

The two organizations will combine their expertise in talent acquisition and talent development to deliver a comprehensive workforce solution through career-readiness preparation, skill enhancement and post placement coaching. Read the full article from Activate Workforce Solutions >>