LGS and BIT: “Blind Person Running” Project

blind man running on a track

LGS Innovations and a talented team of students from the University of Denver have teamed up to create some amazing assistive technology that enables people who are blind or visually impaired safely run around a track. This video proves it!  BIT’s own Founder and Executive Director, Mike Hess, gives the hardware a trial run.

One thought on “LGS and BIT: “Blind Person Running” Project

  1. Our 33 yr old son was diagnosed with a genetic diseased which took his sight. LHON (Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy) is a mitochondrial disease. He passed away from cardiac arrest at 36 two years ago.
    I think Center for People with Disabilities should learn about your organization to offer something of hope to people like my son.
    He had a college degree and three year old son. His son is nine now and saw your presentation at Lyons Elementary. As you know, Isolation,transportation, employment and self esteem are all impacted when one becomes blind.
    All the best of luck. Maureen Arthur, Lyons, Co.

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