About the BIT Academy

WHO Does the BIT Academy Serve?

We serve all professionals with disabilities. Blind Institute of Technology and the BIT Academy began working with individuals who are blind or have low-vision, and has since expanded to serve those with all disabilities. We have experience working with professionals who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing, blind/visually impaired, are neurodivergent, have mobility disabilities, chronic illness, and more. Our mission is and has always been to stop the revolving door of not being able to get a job without experience and not being able to get experience due to workplace barriers to entry.

WHAT Does the BIT Academy Do?

We upskill and reskill professionals with disabilities. Our professional development workshops prepare our candidates with skills necessary from pre-employment onward. Our training courses teach the knowledge and skills necessary to gain industry recognized certifications in IT and related fields, such as database administration through the Salesforce ecosystem, computer networking, cloud computing, project management, business applications, and more. All courses have an independent study component as well as class lessons with our instructors. Funding is provided by corporate partnerships, grants, and state vocational rehab agencies. Our training is provided at no cost to our students.

WHEN Is Class, and When Do Students Complete Their Studies And Begin Work?

Our certification courses vary in length with most being between 6 and 20 weeks in length. Class formats vary and are as short as 2-3 hours per week or 2-3 hours per day, several times per week. All courses have a large independent study component. At the end of a course, students are prepared to sit for the relevant certification exam and in many cases, to begin an apprenticeship or be placed directly with one of our hiring partners. Our goal is to provide all who complete our programs with placement in a career field they will love.

WHERE Is The BIT Academy Located?

Although BIT’s headquarters are located in the Denver Metro area, most programs are virtual and open to all students around the world. We do our best to offer our courses at times that fit the needs of all students, regardless of where they’re located. Many of our courses have multiple sessions. We also offer flexibility as an accommodation when possible.

WHY Choose The BIT Academy?

Our instructional staff are trained, certified, and experienced in their fields. We believe that accessibility comes with not only accommodation, but with inclusion. Classes are focused on meeting the needs of professionals with disabilities and are delivered by professionals with disabilities. We use evidence-based teaching methods and have a proven history of finding placement for students who complete our programs.

HOW Do I get More Information?

If you have more questions about specific programs we offer, please contact us via email and we are happy to answer them. Those wishing to participate in our programs as students should begin by becoming a BIT Candidate. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

The blue Salesforce cloud logo is on the left of an rectangle image with dark blue background. The words "authorized training provider" take up 2/3 of the logo.
The left half of the logo on black background is the words "Bridge Academy" in a grayish cyan. To the right are stylized vertical bars often associated with Cisco networking, which form what appears to be a bridge. Above these bars is the BIT logo, a stylized eye with the letter B to the left and T to the right.