> A Blue Cloud with the word Salesforce in white in the middle with a silvery blue background. > The Logo DevIQ in white lettering and Davison Foundation with black letters with gold background. Cognizant in black lettering and a blue box with gold background. > Go ahead and leave the bronze, here is the description: > CVS Health in red and black letters, Peak Talent Search in black letters, Google in blue and yellow lettering all with a bronze background.

The BIT team is getting excited for our 9 3/4 Birthday Bash at the Cable Center in Denver on October 8. We’re so excited to celebrate with everyone but none of this would be possible without our amazing sponsors! Thank you so much to Salesforce for being our Signature premier sponsor! Salesforce continues to be a crucial component of BIT as they are dedicated to providing opportunities for professionals with disabilities.

We are also very grateful for our gold sponsors: DevIQ/The Davison Foundation, and Cognizant.  We also have three bronze sponsors, Aetna/CVS, Google, and Peak Talent Search. On behalf of everyone at Blind Institute of technology, we can’t, thank you enough! Please know, that your continued support allows us to impact so many disabled professionals seeking meaningful employment.