Thinking Inclusion

A late Friday afternoon telephone call more than 25 years ago forever changed the way I view workplace diversity. The call came from someone in a large corporation who told me in a young-sounding, panicked voice that she had been asked to create a program to hire people with disabilities. I mirrored her panic, as… Continue Reading Thinking Inclusion

Unlikely Allies

I recently interviewed an upwardly-mobile nurse whose ascent was halted when she suddenly became blind. After years of rehabilitation, education, numerous frustrating job interviews, and a couple of job that didn’t move her toward her wish of returning to the health care sector, she suddenly landed her dream job. “How did you land that job?”… Continue Reading Unlikely Allies

Best Face Forward

“Assuming competence from day one is a must if you want to retain talented disabled employees…” So said Nancy Doyle in a recent Forbes article entitled “Assume Competence: Neurodivergent Staff Don’t Need Kid Gloves.” This advice came to mind during a recent conversation between two visually-impaired people and a COO of an upcoming nonprofit organization. “How… Continue Reading Best Face Forward