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Access Ability Through Education

For our driven candidates who want to increase their marketable skills and turn goals into results, the BIT Academy™ provides training opportunities to give our candidates the competitive edge employers are looking for. Most of our classes are 10-15 week, online, independent study courses with weekly discussions to recap and introduce new material.

All classes are offered at either low or no cost to our candidates. Take a look at our offered trainings!

Accessibility Engineering

Whether a small business, or a Fortune 500 company, making websites and mobile apps accessible is a growing focus in corporations across the country. From Amazon to Yahoo, companies are looking for accessibility engineers that will give all customers access to their products and services.

The BIT Academy addresses this specialized field in our Accessibility Engineering course. This program is a preparation course for the Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) credential by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP). The WAS credential is a technical level exam for an individual with at least an intermediate level of detailed technical knowledge about the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and other related web accessibility topics.

In this course, we will help you navigate through:

  • Creating accessible web solutions, including an introduction to WCAG, basic knowledge of programming and addressing accessibility through the development life cycle
  • Identifying accessibility issues in web solutions, including manual and automated testing guidance
  • Remediating issues in web solutions, including how to prioritize defect resolution and how to recommend best practice strategies and techniques

As an Accessibility Engineer, I have the privilege of doing something I am passionate about and being an advocate for others. It allows me the opportunity to effect a change in the company’s culture, and society as a whole, to recognize that all products should be accessible to as many people as possible. The best part of my job is when I get to witness the reactions of a customer when we demonstrate how we changed a product from being inaccessible to fully accessible. Knowing that I had a positive impact on someone’s life makes it all worth it!

Adam C

Accessibility Architect

Salesforce Administration

Salesforce is one of the leaders in Customer-Managed relationship (CMR) platforms, boasting over 150,000 customers globally with more than 83% of Fortune 500 companies using its products. Salesforce Administrator jobs are growing at a rate of 37% with an average salary of $95,000.00 (US data). The best part – Salesforce is accessible!

Our Salesforce Administration training course is designed to be a guided tour through the Salesforce Trailhead program. Along the way, we add supplemental material, discussions and insights to get you on the path to Salesforce Certification.

In this course, we will explore:

  • The setup and configuration of Salesforce orgs and users for companies, big or small
  • Understanding and applying best practices for data management and organizational security
  • Learning the ins and outs of building reports and dashboards
  • Creating automated workflows and processes to optimize complex business tasks

I was a molecular biologist working in the biotechnology industry, but when I began to lose my sight, I started looking for a new career path. I met Mike Hess in 2013 and started volunteering for this organization he was starting, the Blind Institute of Technology. BIT was looking to set up a Salesforce instance of their own, and when Mike asked if I was up to learning how to do that, I said yes. There wasn’t any Trailhead website back then to help you study; I had to learn everything on my own. Mike encouraged me to pursue a career as a Salesforce Administrator, and what a good idea it was! I now hold multiple certifications, and am employed full time with Welltok. I sometimes want to pinch myself because I feel like I’m living a dream! I have a full-time job, great benefits, and a career I never thought I would have.”

Claudine W

Salesforce Administrator

Digital Accessibility Auditing

An Accessibility audit is an evaluation of a company’s website/mobile app using the WCAG. When a company makes the decision to upgrade their accessibility or develop a whole new website, accessibility auditors are used to ensure usability and compliance.

The BIT Academy’s Accessibility Audit training is a 3-part series. The program is designed to provide the participants with an opportunity to learn and apply the WCAG guidelines. We often have internal needs for skilled accessibility auditors at BIT, so this is a particularly great option for people interested in helping us with our mission.

This training will allow you to:

  • Become fluent in the WCAG 2.1 standards, up through Level AA
  • Apply the standards to digital content to help organizations identify accessibility gaps
  • Learn how to support organizations as they transition from awareness to action by becoming familiar with best practice resolutions for a variety of common defects

I initially became interested in Accessibility Auditing back in college when I recognized a lack of understanding from the Disabled Student Services department on how tech works to a person with a disability and how it translates into an accessible experience. Since I live and experience it every day, I want to share the techniques I use with others. One bonus of being an Auditor is that I get to use apps and websites I don’t normally visit, while assisting companies to help other people use their products successfully.

Ethan H

Accessibility Engineer

In the Works

The BIT Academy is constantly developing new training opportunities to help our candidates attain in-demand skills. Here are a few of the training opportunities we are working on:

  • Fundamentals of Software Testing
  • Principles of Web Development

We Want to Hear From You

The BIT Academy is always on the lookout for new training opportunities we can offer! If you know of any trending topics we could examine, we’d like to hear from you. You can reach us at candidates@blindit.org

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Blind Institute of Technology™ is a Denver-based nonprofit organization leading the charge to include disabled professionals in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives nationwide. Believing that the key to opportunity is through education, preparation and accessible technology, BIT aims to help professionals with disabilities, and the employers who hire them, find success in the workplace. Our vision is a world in which people with disabilities have the same employment opportunities as their peers.