We support individuals with disabilities nationwide who are looking to secure and retain meaningful employment as active and valued members of a team.

Access Ability Through Opportunity

BIT recruits talented, corporate-ready professionals from the disabled community and connects them with hiring managers in Fortune 500 companies who are serious about bringing in top talent and building a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Our primary focus is on employment within the tech industry. Tech remains one of the top 2 sectors in the U.S. economy with a supply/demand rate of almost 4 advertised openings for each unemployed job seeker. No longer are people with technology backgrounds exclusively employed by tech companies – tech skills are now in high demand in all types of non-tech businesses!

Although technology is in our name, it’s not our only game. We are looking for candidates with a well-developed sense of professionalism in a variety of in-demand skills. Some of our most successful candidates have backgrounds in fields such as project management, data science, business analysis, and finance.

BIT has given me the tools, opportunities and support that’s made it possible to contribute meaningful work to the accessibility space. I’m working to make health-care tech better for all people. BIT is disrupting the hiring pool and creating a workforce of highly talented experts. It’s a simple concept with a monumental impact for the individuals, the community, and the economy.

Anna T

The BIT Advantage

Once you become a BIT candidate, we go to work for you. We perform job assessments, offer training through the BIT Academy™ and, most importantly, reach out to our network of employer partners.

Today, it is estimated that upwards of 80% of jobs are unadvertised or filled through the “hidden” job market. Building your professional network will produce more results than looking through online job boards. As a BIT candidate, some of the ways we can help you build your professional network are:

  • Connecting you with hiring managers
  • Providing networking opportunities at candidate events
  • Inviting you to workshops and seminars with potential employers
  • Featuring you on our social media
  • Providing internships or contract opportunities


I’ve worked with other blindness organizations before and they’ve all acted as though I were from Mars because I did not fit into the pre-defined box they want to stuff all blind and visually impaired individuals into. On the other hand, BIT is completely different. They recognize the skills that each individual has. They will come alongside and partner with you. Together, that door does not stand a chance. Together, you will kick that door completely off its hinges. That is what BIT has helped me do.

Jeff R

Is BIT Right For Me?

Our candidates are motivated leaders in the disabled community who possess proven tech or business skills or have an interest in applying their skills in the tech industry. In addition to the individual backgrounds and experiences each BIT candidate will bring to the table, we look for characteristics that make up the ideal candidate in corporate America:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong problem-solving
  • Adaptability
  • Can-do attitude
  • Self-motivated
  • Leadership skills
  • Strong work ethic

Does this sound like you?

I did not think I would have a difficult road finding my next career opportunity after being laid off. I was educated, experienced and extremely motivated but often would not move past the initial interview. I struggled through this career search, just like so many other blind and visually impaired people. Throughout the job search, I found the BIT website and instantly reached out. Mike was the first person to ask me “What do you want to do?!” It was refreshing and I was empowered. From then on, I kept in contact with Mike and the BIT Team. This past month BIT helped me apply for the Accessibility Architect position at Charter Communications. Through past experience, a lot of interview practice, and my drive to never stop learning – I was offered the job!  I know this is a great opportunity for me as I moved from Tucson to Denver less than two weeks ago! I am excited to be in this awesome city and taking on this new opportunity. Thank you for all your help, BIT!

Jessica L

How Do I Become a Candidate?

We are a unique organization that values a close relationship with both our candidates and employer partners. For this reason, we take the time to carefully vet our perspective candidates to ensure we are best suited for each other. To do this, we follow a thorough, in-depth process consisting of the following:

  • Initial interview
  • Questionnaire and application
  • In-depth interview
  • Team review and selection
  • Representation agreement


What Happens After I’m Placed?

Our relationship doesn’t stop at hiring. Once you become a BIT candidate, you become a member of the BIT family! We work with you after placement to make sure you are set up for success by:

  • Cultivating discussions with your employer to ensure reasonable accommodations are in place
  • Providing a basic orientation of the worksite, if needed
  • Celebrating your success with a congratulations BIT team dinner
  • Performing periodic check-ins from BIT staff to make sure everything is on track
  • Arranging opportunities to inspire employers to hire from the disabled community


Questions About Candidacy?

We’ve assembled a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help you decide whether BIT candidacy is right for you! Find out things like whether or not you need to live in Denver to apply (you don’t) in our FAQ!

The BIT Academy™

If you are a driven candidate who wants to increase your marketable skills and turn your goals into results, The BIT Academy provides training opportunities to give our candidates the competitive edge employers are looking for.