We support individuals with disabilities nationwide who are looking to secure and retain meaningful employment as active and valued members of a team.

Access Ability Through Opportunity

BIT recruits talented, corporate-ready professionals from the disabled community and connects them with hiring managers in Fortune 500 companies who are serious about bringing in top talent and building a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Our primary focus is on employment within the tech industry. Tech remains one of the top 2 sectors in the U.S. economy with a supply/demand rate of almost 4 advertised openings for each unemployed job seeker. No longer are people with technology backgrounds exclusively employed by tech companies – tech skills are now in high demand in all types of non-tech businesses!

Although technology is in our name, it’s not our only game. We are looking for candidates with a well-developed sense of professionalism in a variety of in-demand skills. Some of our most successful candidates have backgrounds in fields such as project management, data science, business analysis, and finance.