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How to effectively communicate in professional spaces, with a focus on email etiquette and familiarity with the accessibility of common remote meeting platforms.

In a world where remote work is more common than any time in history, the ability to effectively communicate from a distance is more important than it’s ever been. We all know how to send emails, but the use of email in professional spaces has its own rules of etiquette. In addition, virtual meetings have become ubiquitous, requiring familiarity with not one, but many remote meeting platforms.

Why should you attend this workshop?

  • Led by a dedicated instructor with a background in professional communication
  • Designed to be both informative and engaging, giving real-life, hands-on experience
  • Beneficial to both those just starting out as professionals and those with years of experience
  • Emphasis on accessibility and the challenges faced by professionals with disabilities
  • Hone your skills to make the very best impression from first contact to successful hire, and beyond
  • Required for those enrolled in the BIT Academy (must be completed prior to finishing your first course)

The workshop will be broken into two sessions. Part one will focus on email etiquette in the corporate world, including best practices for sending email to hiring managers and interviewers during the interview process, common ways that organizations utilize email internally for the most effective collaboration between individuals and teams, and how to approach email messages in a way that proves your ability to communicate effectively through the written word.

Part two focuses on common meeting platforms used by corporate and other organizations. Accessibility and alternative connection options, as well as widely accepted conventions for meeting attendance. Platforms covered (with accessibility handout provided) include:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Cisco Webex

Workshop Information

When: Monthly

Where: Google Meet — Meeting link will be provided to registered attendees

Who: Career-ready individuals with disabilities & those enrolled in the BIT Academy

How to Register: Send us an email!

We encourage all proactive, career-seeking professionals with disabilities, regardless of background and experience level, to attend this workshop. Academy students must complete this workshop. Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Workshop Dates

  • October 10 and 17 12-1:30pm Mountain Time