Understanding and Coping With Trauma

The following information was compiled by a member of our BVI community – Jodi Witthaus. Jodi is a Rehabilitation Counselor with the State of Colorado and has her Master’s in Social Work. With the unprecedented circumstances surrounding COVID-19, many people may be...

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What Makes a Diversity and Inclusion Champion?

A Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Champion turns talk into action. They are dedicated to supporting an accessible and inclusive environment, creating a diverse workforce that showcases the value of employees with disabilities. Len Beasley, Senior Accessibility...

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Leadership: The Power of Being Human and Inspiring

By Mark Vivien, Chairman of the Board, Blind Institute of Technology At Softchoice’s Annual Sales Kick Off a few weeks ago, there were the usual conversations and trainings around strategy, new offerings, team alignment, and of course the celebration of our 2019...

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Reasonable Accommodations – A Tech Solution

By Cala Estes, Director of Candidate Services, BIT At BIT, we work by the motto that reasonable accommodation is a technology solution. What isn't a technology solution these days? One of the barriers we aim to clear is this myth that reasonable accommodations have to...

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Meet Our Director of Candidate Services – Cala Estes

I began working for BIT in the fall of 2018. Brand new to Denver, I was still trying to learn the ropes of a larger metro area than I had ever lived in before. My fiancé who was working full time on a BIT contract, learned that Mike was looking for some administrative...

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Blind Institute of Technology™ is a Denver-based nonprofit organization leading the charge to include disabled professionals in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives nationwide. Believing that the key to opportunity is through education, preparation and accessible technology, BIT aims to help professionals with disabilities, and the employers who hire them, find success in the workplace. Our vision is a world in which people with disabilities have the same employment opportunities as their peers.