Inclusive Technology

BIT is opening eyes with inclusive technology. We help U.S. employers understand the true power of inclusive (accessible) technology and how to apply it within their technical organizations to make consumer-facing products and services available to the millions of Americans who are blind, visually impaired or have other disabilities. Take a look at our BIT Section 508 and WCAG Flyer.
The IT and technical job market continues to evolve as advances in mobile and other digital technologies grow at a rapid rate. BIT is a solutions-oriented non-profit that helps technical organizations realize the benefits that blind and visually impaired people with IT and technical skills can deliver to make their products and services accessible and inclusive while expanding their customer base.
But there’s more to inclusive technology than that. For example, utilizing accessible technology coding techniques within a software development lifecycle requires less than a one percent additional effort for companies to incorporate into technical projects. That’s a strong return on investing in BIT candidates and others with disabilities.
BIT candidates utilizing inclusive technology offer the following skills:

Product Testing

Requirements Gathering

Software Development

Quality Assurance

User Experience