Eyes on the Road

For the blind and visually impaired, daily transportation is one of the largest barriers for their success in the workplace. A commute to work can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour longer for those who are unable to drive themselves, and that does not include the arduous task of calling ahead to schedule rides and tracking inflexible public transit routes and times. BIT is dedicated to progressing the transportation process for visually impaired employees from their initial job interview to their daily commute with the Eyes on the Road program.

On Time, On Target

BIT will assist in ensuring its candidates arrive to job interviews on time and on target, presenting the best versions of themselves to employers. The Eyes on the Road fund covers car service fees for candidates, which aids in easing the stress of arriving on time and allowing the candidates to concentrate on performing their best.
Thanks to a new agreement with Uber Colorado, a tap of the Uber app will help remove the employment barrier of getting to job interviews on time for blind and visually impaired BIT candidates in Colorado.
The agreement with Uber provides BIT candidates, with free, easy and convenient transportation, which also eases the stress and anxiety of ensuring they arrive on time to job interviews.

Coming Soon…

Always There

Once candidates have received and accepted a job offer from an employer, it is now time for BIT to contribute to their consistent punctuality and attendance. Partnering with occupational therapists, BIT and its candidates will be able to discern the most efficient travel routes to take to work daily. Removing this obstacle will secure confidence for both the employees and employers.

First Mile, Last Mile

Often times unanticipated things come up like construction or closed roads, that might prohibit blind and visually impaired employees from arriving on time to work. BIT works collaboratively with stakeholders, to establish technological solutions. These solutions allow candidates to avoid unwanted and unaccounted for obstacles in their commutes.