Art of Blinders

You’ve seen it before…electronic distractions in meetings, individual and team obstacles, rambling e-mails, and the lone rangers can all hamper workplace communication. What if you had a way to remove subjective listening, siloed decision-making and visual distractions from your team’s day?
This multi-sensory, experiential, team-building communications workshop addresses four of the most common communication issues in corporate America:
Learn unique communication perspectives never before taught in the corporate world. Led by the dynamic and legally blind IT professional, Mike Hess, the Art of Blinders workshop focuses on experiencing and understanding the 4 Sightless Principles of Communication Mike uses every day and used to advance his corporate career. Give your team a competitive advantage – enhanced listening, communication and problem-solving skills. They will not soon forget this workshop, unlike the many other communication workshops they have probably attended.
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“I wanted a workshop leader who would embody our principles, reinforce our message, and engage our leadership team on a personal level. Mike exceeded all of my expectations. He effectively demonstrated that most obstacles in business can be overcome using the sightless principles of communication he has used all of his life. Our leadership team was invigorated and motivated to take Mike’s sightless principles back to their teams. Mike’s talk re-ignited their passion to truly take ownership of their markets and continue making a difference in our company and with our partners.”

-Rick Smith, CEO BioScrip, Inc.

“Mike brought an incredible insight to our group about the power of concentration, in using all your senses to really focus on the moment rather than the endless distractions of life. We all need to put blinders on to bring our teams together to work more consciously.”