“BITS” of Brilliance: Salesforce Org Jam Edition!

The “BITS” of Brilliance: Salesforce Org Jam Edition is a friendly competition between the Blind Institute of Technology’s (BIT) certified Salesforce Administrators. Like a Demo Jam, six contestants will have just 5 minutes to share their mock Salesforce databases before a panel of three judges who are seasoned Salesforce Administrators. Prizes are awarded based on both technical and public speaking skills. After the presentations conclude, the judges will determine the winners and present awards. The judges will also offer valuable feedback to the contestants. Three winners will receive gift cards and Salesforce swag.

More than entertainment, this event is intended to display the skill and creativity of our Salesforce admins. It will help build their Salesforce portfolios and sharpen their interview skills.

Image Description: This webinar graphic features the Denver mountains in the background, a headshot of the event’s Salesforce emcee, Cala Campfield, and the following text: “BITS” of Brilliance: Salesforce Org Jam Edition; Six talented Salesforce Administrators will battle it out as they showcase their live demos in a friendly competition; Tuesday, May 28, 2024; Starts at 10AM PST.